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#1448 by aksenovaa
19 Jan 2015, 13:30
I added several types of attributes for products with 'code' on English and 'label' on Russian:
comment | комментарий
and so on

But on site pages in section ATTRIBUTES I see new attributes on English: note, comment. That is output to site 'code' is used instead of the 'label'.
At the same time, in the demo data 'color|цвет' and 'size|размер' all as required, and is used 'label' on Russian (цвет, размер).
What could be the reason?
#1450 by aimeos
19 Jan 2015, 14:02
If you add new attribute types, you should also provide translations to your language. The codes of the attribute types is used as key to lookup the translation. The easiest way to add new translations is described here: For example:

Code: Select<number> {
    domain = client/html/code
    string = note
    trans = примечание

Replace <number> with an unique number not used for any other translation yet. The label can't be used for this as it wouldn't be possible to provide the label in different languages according to the database structure.

Is this helpful for you?
#2816 by m.nuernberger
26 May 2016, 10:39
Hey guys,

i have the same problem, but the solution dont work for me.
I created some attributes with keys "breite", "hoehe", "verglasung", "farbe" and "uwwert".
After that i added the overwriting translation but the keys are displayed in frontend as before.

You can see some screenshots as attachment. Hope somebody can help.

Thanks a lot.
2016-05-26 12_23_01.jpg
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2016-05-26 12_26_27.jpg
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2016-05-26 12_31_30.jpg
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#2821 by aimeos
26 May 2016, 23:00
Where do you want to see the translations? In the detail view?
If yes, is the TypoScript in a TS extension template in the detail page or one of the parent pages? Did you clear the TYPO3 caches?
#2837 by m.nuernberger
30 May 2016, 07:30
I want to see the translation in the detail view, correct.
The TypoScript is on the parent page:
a) static template is included (Aimeos Shop configuration);
b) TS-file with setup is included on same page id;
c) checkbox "Include static template after basic-template" is NOT active.

Regards, Martin.
#2839 by aimeos
30 May 2016, 11:20
Do you use the latest version? If not, please update first.

It's difficult to say from here what's the problem in your installation. If nothing works, someone should have a look into your installation to solve the problem. The Aimeos company offers support like this: