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#1467 by boettner
09 Feb 2015, 17:53
Hi All,

is it possible to set up a plugin for displaying a direct detail view for a single article? I have a few "special" products that don´t fit in a catalog category and should be visible in the catalog navigation. Additionally it has to be possible to place regular content on each of these single product pages.

Thanks for any hints
#1468 by aimeos
09 Feb 2015, 18:15
Hi Robert

Sure, you can add the catalog detail plugin to another page if you want to combine its output with content from the TYPO3 page. In your navigation, you need to add the URL of the page and at least the parameter for the product ID. Depending on the version you are using, the parameter name is different because we had to change them for compatibility reasons recently. Most likely you need the following if you use version 2.0 or earlier :
- ai[d-product-id] (the ID of the product you want to display)
- ai[a-name] (optional, the product name)

In the next versions (2.1), this changes to
- ai[d_prodid] and
- ai[d_name]

A list of all parameters used (the new ones) is available here:
If you manage to generate the links not by hand but via TypoScript, RealURL creates a nice speaking URL out of these parameters.