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#2041 by afernandez
10 Nov 2015, 13:01

I currently have the issue that adding a product to the basket does not work with TYPO3 7.6 and Aimeos 2.4.0. An AJAX call is fired, but it loads the current document and returns the whole HTML. I've tested it with an own product and with a demo product.

These are the request data:
Code: Select allRequest Method: POST
Query String Parameters:
    ai[controller]: catalog
    ai[action]: detail
    ai[d_name]: Demo Article
    ai[d_prodid]: 12
    ai[l_pos]: 2
Form Data:
    ai[b_action]: add
    ai[b_prod][0][prodid]: 12
    ai[b_prod][0][quantity]: 1
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