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#2315 by aimeos
07 Jan 2016, 11:05
Christian wrote:you have to remove html and body tag as well and add the css and js in header from neos. so the main menu from neos will be integrated and the styles from aimeos theme will be recognized also. every click will open the same styles now. Maybe you dont add any style so it depends on the Site Package.

No, that's not a good solution. We've added each component as own node type that can be placed on a page to be flexible. The CSS and JS files have to be included somehow in the site package to apply the styling to the components.

The biggest missing piece is the configuration of the components to tell them where the other components are located. In the end it should work like in the TYPO3 extension: Select the page node for e.g. the page with the detail view in the catalog list component via the node configuration.