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#2353 by Bollerx
18 Jan 2016, 14:56
I found a documentation, where you can find answers on how it's work, you can check it for details too.
The problem is that i can't upload here because it doesn't allow me pdf file extensions for the attachment.
#2354 by Bollerx
19 Jan 2016, 07:35
i send it to you an e-mail here to aimeos user with the link to the documentation. In case you didn't received it i post it here:
sent by email...
#2357 by aimeos
19 Jan 2016, 13:16
OK, if the payment details are collected on the gateway side, then your only configuration options for the Omnipay provider should be:
- omnipay.type = MobilPay
- omnipay.testmode = 1
- merchantId = ...
- publicKey = /path/to/...

If it works correct, you should get at least to the MobilPay gateway where you can enter the payment data.
#2359 by Bollerx
19 Jan 2016, 13:59
payment_error.png (9.44 KiB) Viewed 898 times

I configured but i have the same error. Any ideas?
#2360 by aimeos
19 Jan 2016, 14:20
Bollerx wrote:I configured but i have the same error. Any ideas?

The MobilPay driver expects a non-standard value for the order ID. It used "orderId" instead of "transactionId": ... t.php#L226

Maybe you can create a PR the author is willing to merge.
The parameter "details" is also something that is non-standard and will make problems because we don't know what it is and Aimeos won't hand it over.