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#2518 by cnoelker
20 Feb 2016, 18:26
how can I use several warehouses and enter a stock value for products? I did the following:
1) Added two more warehouses and set their status to Active.
2) Selected a product, go to the second tab. I am able to set a new stock value for the default warehouse.
3) Click on Add. My own warehouses are not displayed in the drop down list, so I am not able to enter a stock value.

Is this a bug or is there some step I am missing out?
#2519 by cnoelker
20 Feb 2016, 18:42
I can answer my own question:
I edited the file aimeos/Resources/Libraries/aimeos/aimeos-core/admin/jqadm/templates/product/item-stock-default.php and inserted placeholder content, just to check if I was looking at the right place.
And after saving and re-editing the warehouse stock page, the newly added warehouses are available and I can add stock values. Seems to be a cache issue?
#2520 by aimeos
20 Feb 2016, 19:59
In the ExtJS based admin interface, warehouses and also types are preloaded and the loaded list isn't invalidated when adding new ones. You have to reload the admin interface to get the new types and warehouses.