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#2634 by crazyforester
22 Mar 2016, 08:11
I try to add Scheduled task - class Aimeos Shop e-mail scheduler.
Frequency, Sender name, Sender e-mail, Reply e-mail, Product detail page ID, Base URL to the product images,Absolute path, Jobs and Sites are filled properly and when I try to save it an error appears above the form.
It only shows error, but no message appears and saving is not possible
I use Aimeos version 2.4.4
Would you give any hint where it could be the problem
#2639 by crazyforester
25 Mar 2016, 06:47
My TYPO3 version is 6.2.15.
Actually problem were solved in that way.
At first aimeos version were 2.4.3 and I update to 2.4.4 and then I saw the problem.
I removed aimeos template from the main template of the site, clean all the cache and then add the aimeos template again.
Now emails with login information come successfully
but there is a problem, no order confirmation emails are coming.
#2642 by aimeos
25 Mar 2016, 17:01
The first one won't work because you are using the Aimeos standard scheduler task for sending e-mails. The second screenshot showing the Aimeos e-mail scheduler task seems to be OK. Is the second one executed successfully if you start it by hand?
#2644 by aimeos
27 Mar 2016, 10:20
crazyforester wrote:How should be the first , I mean "Order payment related e-mail", any example

You only need the second one and it should be used for all e-mail related tasks. The first one one for all non-email tasks.
#2645 by crazyforester
28 Mar 2016, 06:49
OK, second one is enough for me, but client receives only email about account "Ihr neues Benutzerkonto"
I would like an email to user about order details and payment.
What I have missed

Also, when I changed at the aimeos backend the order status - payment received, it dispatched - no email is sent to user
#2646 by crazyforester
29 Mar 2016, 13:15
Now I see the following errors in Log panel
Error while processing order with ID "73": Method "process" for provider not available

The same error appears for every order with every payment provider - PostPay, PaypalExpress and Prepay
maybe this is the problem