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#2696 by goerch
18 Apr 2016, 08:56
i want to rebate the total amount. If user reached the amount of 1000,--, he get a reduction of 2% of total amount, and so on. How can i do this? Its not a point of ServiceProvider (Reduction), i tried this first, but Reduction is only shown of rebating costs of Postpayment or Prepayment. This is not the point, because its indepent of payment or delivery, its only a Reduction of total, if user reached a defined sum.
4 x Item a 350,-- = 1400,--
2 xItem2 a 50,-- = 100,--
Sum = 1500,--
- Rebate 2% (30,--) = 1470,--

Is there a way to implemente this, maybe with a plugin or so.
Thank you for a tip.

#2697 by aimeos
18 Apr 2016, 13:07
Sure, basket plugins are the right way. Using them, you can adapt the content in the basket in any fashion.
Documentation is available here:

For monetary rebates, you should add a rebate product like it's done in some coupon providers: