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#2701 by goerch
19 Apr 2016, 20:40
Testing the shop there is a strange behaviour:
I order a product, everything works fine, choosing prepayment, the confirm pages gives me a status (order number and so on). After this i go back to the shop and order some new products. Then i forgot to check "terms" and "policy" in checkout process, red alert box came, then i checked the "terms" and clicked "buy now". And voila, i got the confirm - page from the first order with the products and order number of the first order. And no new order will be sent. Is it a bug? Testing this behaviour with checking "terms" and "policy" everything works fine.
Thank you for help.
#2705 by aimeos
20 Apr 2016, 20:50
This seems to be caused by the browser cache. It's displaying the page from its cache and not asking the server.
Maybe we can prevent this problem by sending a Cache "private" or "no-cache" HTTP header. Do you know how this can be done in TYPO3?