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#2703 by goerch
20 Apr 2016, 07:23
the shop is b2b, so in basket the $priceTaxflag is false. The products VAT of 19% is not included. if i order one product, maybe 2 or 20 of this product, calculating VAt 19% in basket is ok. If i add a second product, i notice, that calculating VAT is wrong. it seems, that only the VAT of the first product will be calculated, also shipping costs. But the second product VAT will be ignored. Can you have a look at this? I think its a serious problem, because the sum of invoice is not correct. By the way, changing the order of the products in basket gave me same result, second product in basket will be ignored.

T3 6.2. and aimeos 16.4.1
#2707 by aimeos
20 Apr 2016, 21:55
Right, there's a problem for the second and subsequent products in the basket.
The tax amount is calculated with quantity-1 if other products with the same tax rate exists and this is wrong.

That package fixes the problem: