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#2809 by tonyl09
19 May 2016, 14:30
Are there any examples of Aimeos installations for US or Canadian businesses?

My clients use and Paypal for payments, and FedEx or UPS for shipping. Of course, we have a different address format than most other countries.

Thank you -- Tony
#2811 by aimeos
19 May 2016, 15:39 is a bigger example for a US B2B company using Aimeos. Unfortunately, they've added a login to the store recently, so you can't see much now.

PayPal is included by default in Aimeos, is supported via the ai-payments extension using the Omnipay library:

The address format is configurable (same applies to the names of the fields) and the address template can be styled via CSS to comply to US standard. The US/worldwide template is the default one, additionally there's one more for EU countries.