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#2824 by aimeos
27 May 2016, 09:09
Subclass the catalog lists items subpart (, overwrite the getBody() method and choose another template based on a new parameter. Copy the template and add the icons for switching and the URL including the necessary parameter. You only have to take care about the caching. The parameter should be prefixed with "l_" like "l_layout".

We would like to get the changes into the HTML client too and appreciate an pull request :-)
#2843 by Bollerx
30 May 2016, 12:53
Thank's for the support, for how to change the view, in my case from the client side we simplified from CSS, because they needed only the list- kind of view. It would be great, to make those functions, i need to finish quickly the other tasks, so , sorry for i can't workin on it. Maybe somebody will need it -and it will do it-,in the coming future and then you can integrate it.
Thank's once again for the help's.