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#2945 by franzrudolf
06 Jul 2016, 18:28

if a customer orders a quantity of two or more of the same product and he uses a coupon code, the discount only affects the price of one. Actually it is supposed to be a discount on the lump sum, isn't it? Or is there a logic, I don't understand?

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#2950 by aimeos
07 Jul 2016, 07:16
Can you give us some more information? Which coupon provider are you using? Can you attach a screenshot before entering the code and after to explain what you mean?
#2953 by franzrudolf
07 Jul 2016, 14:08
We use the percentRebate coupon provider to realize a 10% discount (on the lump sum) for club members. Everything works fine as long there is no product ordered two or more times. If you compare the two screenshots in the attached file you can see that everything is fine on the left picture (where each product is ordered only once) - the lump sum is reduced 10% .
However, on the right screenshot (where two cups are ordered) only the price of one cup is reduced. But the discount should always reduce the lump sum.
screenshot_coupon-bug.jpg (108.21 KiB) Viewed 595 times
#2959 by aimeos
07 Jul 2016, 22:24
Indeen, that looks like a bug. Seems like the multiplication with the quantity is missing here:

Can you test and confirm that a change there fixes the problem?