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#2977 by franzrudolf
11 Jul 2016, 14:49
Hi there,

After a customer has placed his order, two mails are sent to him automatically. The first only says 'Thank you for your order'. The second says: 'Your order is in progress' (at least I guess it says 'in progress' - I'm working with a German frontend...).
I would prefer to trigger the second mail ('in progress') manually (by changing the delivery state in the backend-module) instead of automatically. Is this possible? And, if yes, how can I do that.

Many thanks in advance.
#2979 by aimeos
11 Jul 2016, 16:41
You are executing the order/service/delivery scheduler task. If you remove it from the list, the second e-mail won't be sent.
#2983 by franzrudolf
12 Jul 2016, 08:04
By removing the order/service/delivery scheduler task I can stop the second E-Mail from being sent automatically. But how can I trigger it manually instead? The delivery state in the backend-module changes to "in progress" anyway.
#2989 by aimeos
12 Jul 2016, 16:18
There are two job controller in the scheduler task:
- order/service/delivery
- order/email/delivery

The first one sets the status, the second sends the e-mail. Seems you've disabled the wrong one. If you disable order/service/delivery, the delivery status will stay to "unfinished" and if you update the status by hand to e.g. "shipped", the order/email/delivery job controller will send an appropriate e-mail.