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#3036 by riccardo.decontardi
21 Jul 2016, 10:13
Hello, I've got problems in installing Aimeos 16.7.0 on my TYPO3 7.6.10 (on Windows - XAMPP)
1) I installed the ext, executed the upgrade script (all "OK" and "done") but

- in install tool, it seems that all the tables were not added to the TCA

2) I also tried to import the pages from the link ... s_16.1.t3d

- when I go to the page "products" I got an error:
No value for key "filterHeader" found

Aimeos\MW\View\Exception thrown in file
C:\xampp\htdocs\\typo3conf\ext\aimeos\Resources\Libraries\aimeos\aimeos-core\lib\mwlib\src\MW\View\Standard.php in line 116.
(If needed I can provie a screenshot of the full error)

I don't know what goes wrong...can you help me? Thank you!
#3048 by aimeos
21 Jul 2016, 20:32
1.) Aimeos don't use the TCA as it makes no sense for our tables (
2.) Yes, the full stack trace would be helpful
3.) Aimeos makes heavy use of foreign key constraints for data integrity