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#3051 by velo
22 Jul 2016, 07:56
Hey there,

we have the following Problem. When we rebuidl the index through the scheduler task I get a bunch of this errors:

Code: Select allExecuting statement "
         INSERT INTO "mshop_index_text" (
            "prodid", "siteid", "textid", "langid", "listtype", "type",
            "domain", "value", "mtime", "editor", "ctime"
         ) VALUES (
            11, 1, '117', 'de', 'default', 'faqAnswer', 'attribute', 'Das ist die Antwort zur Frage', '2016-07-22 09:48:25', 'scheduler', '2016-07-22 09:48:25'
      " failed: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '11-1-117-default' for key 'unq_msindte_p_s_tid_lt'

Even if I truncate the whole mshop_index_text table. I can't figure out whats the problem. The text element appears just one time in the mshop_text table

Thanks in advance
#3061 by aimeos
22 Jul 2016, 20:55
Check what's referenced in the mshop_product_list table of your product with ID 11. It's an attribute causing the error.