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#3053 by velo
22 Jul 2016, 08:06
Hi there,

we don't need a delivery at all. So we want to get rid of all the delivery stuff. For now we configured the checkout process to not display the delivery step.Additionally we configured the summary to only show the payment.

In the Basket there is always a delivery row with a price of 5.90€, in our delivery services are all prices set to 0.00€.
I also tried to disable all delivery services, then I don't get the row with delivery (as we want it) but in the checkout process I get a error because of missing delivery service.

Is there any possibility to disable delivery at all?

Thanks in advance
#3059 by aimeos
22 Jul 2016, 20:48
Check your configured plugins. "Autofill" adds services automatically and "ServicesAvailable" checks at the end if everything you've configured is there. The user documentation should answer your questions: