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#3076 by franzrudolf
25 Jul 2016, 12:36
Hi again,

I've been working on it for hours but I just don't understanding the logic of product exporting/importing...

I've built an Aimeos-shop on my server. Now I would like to move the entire TYPO3-/Aimeos-System to another Server. First of all I tried the usual way: Installing the TYPO3-Source on the new server, overwriting the fileadmin-, typo3conf and uploads-directories by the respective backups and finally importing the DB-data. But instead of the products I have created (and which I can see in the DB) only the demo-products are shown. Therefore, I guess, I have to use the scheduler-task "Produktexport" (in the old system) to export the catalog as a file - am I right?
But I have no idea at all, where this file will be stored, or how I can configure the task. Everything I have found in the docu is about import but nothing about export. Or am I simply too stupid to understand?

I would be very grateful for any help
Best regards
#3077 by franzrudolf
25 Jul 2016, 16:34
Now I tried the following TSconfiguration in the task:

plugin.tx_aimeos {
settings { =.../fileadmin/aimeos_exports/exports/

(I created the the aimeos_exports-directory in advance)

Since that I get the following error-message:

Die Ausführung von Task "Aimeos Shop Planer (aimeos)" ist fehlgeschlagen mit folgender Meldung: Unable to create directory "http://.../fileadmin/aimeos_exports/exports/"
#3081 by aimeos
26 Jul 2016, 20:30
If you want to move your entire installation, your first attempt is correct. Copy all files and directories (exclude ./typo3temp/) and make a full dump of your database which you can import as SQL into your remote database. Adapt your database settings in the ./typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php. Afterwards, you may clear the TYPO3 caches but then everything should be as in your local environment.
#3089 by franzrudolf
27 Jul 2016, 19:25
Finally, I've made it - by the usual way as described!

Maybe this might be a tipp for others having the same problem:
I guess the Problem was that I first added the command "drop table" to my db-dump. Since I imported a new dump without "drop table" everything works as in the original system (I have only very little sql-knowledge but this was the only difference to my former attempts).
#3110 by franzrudolf
29 Jul 2016, 11:18
Finally, I am completely confused...

As I wrote I moved from the old to a new server - and it did work. But now it doesn't anymore...
I repeated exery single step as described above. But after all I got an error in the admin-interface (compare file).

As I wrote I have only very little knowledge of sql but the (in the error-text yellow marked) db usr_p223362_9 is not the db I use - but one I have used before (on the new server)!
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