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#3171 by giovinco
05 Aug 2016, 15:38

I've got the extension from you extension Builder and copied the templates I need under the order like:

my Problem is when I want to use this file two times (one default list and one for carousel list) I copied the file and renamed it into:

my TS Configuration ist:
client/html/catalog/list/items/default/template-body = catalog/lists/items-body-slider.html

But in Frontend I have can you please tell me whats gone wrong?
Thank you very much and of course for the top Job

#3183 by giovinco
08 Aug 2016, 14:50
aimeos wrote:
giovinco wrote:client/html/catalog/list/items/default/template-body = catalog/lists/items-body-slider.html

In TYPO3 the configuration path separators are "." not "/":

Thank you for the Answer...I forgot that TS is only with "." foul..was very on stress :))

I adjusted it from :
client/html/catalog/list/items/default/template-body = client/html/catalog/lists/slider/
plugin.tx_aimeos.settings.client.catalog.lists.default.template-body = client/html/catalog/lists/slider/

There is no Error on frontend but the main "default" html is showen. Can you please tell me what is the right path?
Thank you very and have nice evening
#3187 by aimeos
09 Aug 2016, 17:39
The configuration (keep care about the "standard", not "default") must point to your new PHP template, e.g.
Code: Select allplugin.tx_aimeos.settings.client.catalog.lists.standard.template-body = client/html/catalog/lists/body-slider.php

If you only want to overwrite the existing template because you won't use it at all, you can simply create a file with the same name in your project-specific extension (client/html/templates/catalog/lists/ folder).