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#3427 by Tony
23 Sep 2016, 18:49
Sorry if this too basic, I'm very new to Aimeos.
I cannot change this path: EXT:aimeos_dist/Resources/Private/Partials/Page/
to fileadmin/dir/dir/page
or to any other path.
Normally this is a straight forward task overriding the fluidtemplate paths, but with Aimeos I am stuck.
Where do I make the changes?

I want to customize the navigation "Main.html" template.

Many thanks,
#3429 by aimeos
24 Sep 2016, 09:42
The TS constant configuration contains this setting:
Code: Select allpage.fluidtemplate.partialRootPath = EXT:aimeos_dist/Resources/Private/Partials/Page/

You can copy the directory structure to another place and change it accordingly
#3446 by Tony
26 Sep 2016, 13:37
Thank you for the answer. I have corrected my link.
Before I had tried this: page.fluidtemplate.partialRootPath = fileadmin/aimeos_dist/Resources/Private/Page/
I have changed my local directories to reflect the aimeos_dist structure, I put "Partials" in the path, now it works:
page.fluidtemplate.partialRootPath = fileadmin/aimeos_dist/Resources/Private/Partials/Page/
Thanks again,