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#3453 by Tony
26 Sep 2016, 18:39

In my checkout when a product is added to the checkout the tax is shown twice.
Once for the the rate I set on the product (21%) and again with a rate of 20%.
Is there a global setting causing the 20% to be shown. I cannot find any reason why there are 2 lines of tax shown.

Totaal 404.90 €
Incl. 21.00% BTW 68.73 €
Incl. 20.00% BTW 1.48 €

What do I need to change to remove the second line showing the 20% tax?

#3454 by Tony
26 Sep 2016, 18:48
Now I understand, I will answer myself.
The extra line of tax was caused by the delivery charge having a tax rate of 20%, different from the products tax 21%.
Once I changed the delivery charge to the same rate of tax as the product (21%) the second line of tax disappeared.