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#3457 by Tony
27 Sep 2016, 15:15

I want to customize 2 bootstrap BackendLayouts away from the default location.
With other typo3 bootstrap_package projects/ installations I place the backendlayout files in fileadmin and it works without any difficultly.
I want this file: /typo3conf/ext/bootstrap_package/Configuration/PageTS/Mod/WebLayout/BackendLayouts/special_start.txt
to be located here:
Normally this works - adding this to my homepage/root page TS script: <INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="fileadmin/bootstrap_package/Configuration/PageTS/Mod/WebLayout/BackendLayouts" extensions="txt">

On this Aimeos installation it does not work. How can I place a custom backend layout in fileadmin and get it to load?

Many thanks,
#3462 by Tony
28 Sep 2016, 19:03
here's my answer should anyone else have the difficulties I had:
Put this in the root TS setup:
<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="DIR:fileadmin/bootstrap_package/Configuration/PageTS/Mod/WebLayout/BackendLayouts" extensions="txt">
The above script also bypasses this file:

This can also be set:
general.disablePageTsBackendLayouts =1
this is found in the extensions > bootstrap_package >configuation

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