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#3669 by derJu
23 Nov 2016, 08:57

I tried to export the products, when I run the scheduler the following error is displayed:

Code: Select allExecution of task "Aimeos Shop scheduler (aimeos)" failed with the following message: Not allowed to access "controller/jobs/product/export/standard/template-header" configuration

Someone has an idea?

Best regards
#3675 by derJu
25 Nov 2016, 08:26
It looks better.

I am testing the import with the dem csv file from:
Code: Select all"item code","item label","item type","item status","text type","text content","text type","text content","media url","price quantity","price value","price tax rate","attribute type","attribute code","subproduct code","product list type","property value","property type","catalog code","catalog list type"
"job_csv_test","job csv test product","default",1,"short","short description","long","long description","path/to/image.jpg",1,"10.00","20.00","import-test","size",,,"1.50","package-weight","home","promotion"
"job_csv_test2","job csv test 2. product","select",1,"short","short selection description","long","long selection description","path/to/image2.jpg",1,"10.00","20.00",,,"job_csv_test","default","1.50","package-weight",,

i got this error:

Execution of task "Aimeos Shop scheduler (aimeos)" failed with the following message: Invalid product lines in "/var/www/vhosts/": 3/3
#3676 by derJu
25 Nov 2016, 08:40
i have the TypoScript of Aimeos Shop Scheduler like this:
Code: Select allplugin.tx_aimeos {
    settings {
        controller.common.product.import.csv.separator = , {
            location =  /var/www/vhosts/
#3679 by aimeos
25 Nov 2016, 10:06
You don't need "plugin.tx_aimeos.settings". This is only for frontend plugins and has no meaning in the scheduler even if we made it work because many users make that mistake.

The default container type is a Zip file. If you want to use uncompressed CSV files in a directory, you must change the container type to "Directory":
#3680 by derJu
25 Nov 2016, 10:49
Thank you for the fast Support!

I change the Typoscript in the scheduler:

Code: Select all = Directory
        controller.common.product.import.csv.separator = , {
            location =  /var/www/vhosts/

The error is the same like befor:
Execution of task "Aimeos Shop scheduler (aimeos)" failed with the following message: Invalid product lines in "/var/www/vhosts/": 3/3

In the Log file from Typo3 i find this log:
Core: Error handler (BE): PHP Runtime Deprecation Notice: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method BK2K\BootstrapPackage\UserFunc\Typo3VersionCondition::match() should not be called statically in /var/www/vhosts/ line 428
#3681 by aimeos
25 Nov 2016, 10:52
Can you try
Code: Select all        controller.common.product.import.csv.separator = , {
            location =  /var/www/vhosts/
            container.type = Directory
#3695 by aimeos
29 Nov 2016, 18:55
There's most probably an error in your CSV mapping/file combination. Are there any other hints in the logs?