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#3733 by tonyl09
13 Dec 2016, 16:06

When the cron job to send emails is executed manually we get the error:
Execution of task "Aimeos Shop e-mail scheduler (aimeos)" failed with the following message: Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.

The Typoscript configuration for the cron job includes: =

TYPO3 CMS 6.2.17
aimeos 16.4.3
PHP version: 5.6.27

Any suggestions on debugging this?

Thank you -- Tony
#3735 by tonyl09
14 Dec 2016, 14:55
I looked in the mshop_order_base_address table, and found several older orders without email addresses. I added email addresses to those orders in that table.

I still got the error when trying to run the scheduler event. I then reduced the email types included in the cron job, and found that it was the Customer account emails that caused the failure.

Would those be in a different table?

Thank you -- Tony
#3738 by aimeos
14 Dec 2016, 16:36
They are offloaded to a queue and you can find the queue entries in the madmin_queue table.
The queue entries are removed as soon as they are processed, so you still may accept customer addresses without e-mail addresses in the checkout process.