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#3848 by
19 Jan 2017, 21:10
My cms typo3 7.6.15, aimeos 16.10.3, bootstrap pack 6.2.16
My site has 6730 items.
All included.
All the same parameters.
All the same directory (the type of list-standard).
But during fronted displays only about 1,000 items.
How do I show the visitor all the goods?
#3851 by aimeos
20 Jan 2017, 12:44
No one is likely to browse over more than 20 pages (if default page size of 48 is used). You should sort your products into self explaining categories/sub-categories and let visitors use the faceted/fulltext search offered by the catalog filter plugin. The limit to 1000 products per search (viewing the products in a category is nothing else) is for improving performance.