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21 Jan 2017, 01:42
My cms typo3 7.6.15, aimeos 16.10.3, bootstrap pack 6.2.16, Linux, PHP Version 5.6.26, mysql 5.6.31

I did the import of goods to the store.
All went well, but when you add product to cart, write error -"No stock for product ID "1" and warehouse "default" available".
I added in the import file new data, also added a new team in TypoSettings to scheduler.

stock {
11 = product.stock.warehouse
12 = product.stock.warehouseid

file csv

but after the import, the goods in the warehouse are not added.
and those that have been previously added by hand - are removed.
mysql tables -"mshop_product_stock" resets everything to its original state.
What could be the problem? Import error does not give, it all goes well, but the table does not add.