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#3872 by Metalics
30 Jan 2017, 14:51
I want to discuss some issues coming with V17.1.0

1- Product stock status doesn't work in Product List page. Because the URL parameter in Head section (<script type="text/javascript" defer="defer" src=" ...../proddcode/...") is using wrong parameter. (prodcode instead of Proddcode).

2- The browser item in Catalog List pagination is not working. It is always displaying "Page 0 of ..." and even if you click on next page icon, it has no function other than refreshing the page.

3- Last Seen and Pinned products don't appear. If you add a product into pinned products it appears once, but after refreshing the page it disappear again. Last Seen products never appears.

4- After adding a product as Favorite or Watched product, their links in account page refers to wrong URL.
For example you want to go to the detail page of a product which is in your favourite products. If you click on the product image, it refers you to: ... delete/61/ instead of ... tail/d/61/

5- I see a new extension "Account-Profile" added. Please let me know what this extension is for exactly? And where to add it? It will be added to account like Account Favorite or Account Wat List?

Typo: 7.6.15
Aimeos: 17.1.0
#3875 by aimeos
30 Jan 2017, 23:13
As always, thank you very much for your issue reports. We appreciate them very much and are glad of every bug you've found in the current beta release! :-)

1.) Yes, we can confirm and will fix this

2.) This has today been fixed by gilbertsoft who also did a great job!

3.) and 4.) We will have a look at this and find out what the problem is.

5.) The Account profile component is currently an empty container. Later on, we can add things like managing customer address data as alternative to the current implementation in the checkout address page. Maybe it will be used for something else too depending on project requirements. It's origin was a project of the Aimeos company.

We will keep you updated when the problems are fixed and all fixes will be part of the 17.1.1 release scheduled in around two weeks. Thanks again for all of your efforts!
#3877 by Metalics
31 Jan 2017, 07:09
You are very welcome! It is my pleasure to be a part of this great project.

Another issue we have noticed:
Product quantity in small basket is not running well. If you add a product to basket, small basket is indicating the product quantity as expected. But after refreshing the page it is always "0 articles".
#3878 by Metalics
31 Jan 2017, 09:07
Metalics wrote:3- Last Seen and Pinned products don't appear. If you add a product into pinned products it appears once, but after refreshing the page it disappear again. Last Seen products never appears.

I am sorry, Last Seen component is working. You can ignore this issue but Pinned Products component still has the problem i mentioned above (Disappearing after refreshing the page).
#3881 by aimeos
31 Jan 2017, 23:18
Showing the stock level has been fixed by this commit:

The pinned products seem to work. At least in the tests we made in our environment. Do you have more information when this happens? We also thought about if this could be a session problem in your environment.

We can confirm the link problem for favorite and watched products as well as the mini basket issue. We will fix that as soon as possible.
#3882 by gilbertsoft
02 Feb 2017, 20:41
I have the same issue with pinning, on the click the product is pinned and showed, after page refresh user session related data disapears. I think there could be a problem with the plugin settings, but hadn't time for a detailed investigation...
#3884 by aimeos
06 Feb 2017, 14:59
We've fixed all problems besides the pinned products. Tested in TYPO3 and other environments but always worked as expected when the plugin is on the detail page.