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06 Mar 2017, 02:10
Hey. Is it possible to change the template of the exported file. Add any data, or delete any fields. Is it possible to do this using settings, or by changing the file?
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07 Mar 2017, 14:54
aimeos wrote:You can copy and modify this template in your own extension:

Thank you. Everything worked out. I just do not understand how I can display a link to the product page, and the catalog id, as well as the label of the catalog. Is it possible to add them to the export xml file?
#4007 by aimeos
08 Mar 2017, 10:26
For links, you can use the "$this->url()" view helper like there:

The catalog data isn't available by default. You have to create your own class extend from the "Standard" class and overwrite the export() method: