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#4005 by wp_bube
07 Mar 2017, 16:58
If I newly create a user during checkout, with the salutation company, then the salutation is not saved. I thought maybe i missconfigured something, but I can recreate this behaviour with the aimeos_dist out of the box.

Is this a known bug?

Aimeos 16.10.1
TYPO3 7.6.14
#4008 by aimeos
08 Mar 2017, 10:44
No, this is the expected default behavior. To be more precise, "company" is stored as salutation, but this is only the default behavior. You can adapt the address page in the checkout process to show the company field even if "company" isn't chosen in the salutation select box (that's only a JS function) and configure its values to contain only "Mr" and "Mrs".