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#4063 by NewUser
24 Mar 2017, 13:10
I would need to fetch certain details from mshop_catalog and mshop_product tables. Can I get the repository names of these for object injection??
#4065 by aimeos
24 Mar 2017, 13:37
Aimeos doesn't use ExtBase for managing and retrieving data. That wouldn't be portable and too slow.
Instead, you should use the Aimeos managers to get the data you need:

To get the necessary Aimeos context in TYPO3, use
Code: Select all$config = \Aimeos\Aimeos\Base::getConfig();
$context = \Aimeos\Aimeos\Base::getContext($config);

or if you extend from "Aimeos\Aimeos\Controller\AbstractController":
Code: Select all$this->getContext();