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#4133 by Dennis
20 Apr 2017, 08:23

In our online shop we want to offer payments options with PAYONE and a custom payment option via invoice, too.
In the first case (external payment handling), a redirect page with message "Sie werden jetzt zu unserem Zahlungsanbieter weiter geleitet" is shown and this is obviously okay. But in the second case (internal payment handling) this redirect page is shown, too. We just want to skip this step because it is redundant in this scenario.

I hoped that aimeos would handle this case distinction automatically but this is apparently not the case :-(
Or could some configuration be missing in our installation? What would be the best way to realize the described case distinction? (if payment service provider is external -> show redirect page; if payment service provider is internal -> do not show redirect page)

Many thanks in advance!

TYPO3 7.6.15, Aimeos web shop 17.3.0, PHP version 5.6.30-0+deb8u1, Linux
#4138 by aimeos
20 Apr 2017, 15:53
The "redirect to payment provider" page is actually storing the order too, so you can't remove it. You can only change the template and display something else during the redirect (spinner icon for example) in case of paying by invoice.
#4147 by aimeos
21 Apr 2017, 16:08
Kai wrote:Actual there is no redirect - the user needs to click a button. Do we need to implement this by javascript by ourself or is there a out of box solution, that we could activate?

The redirect is done via Javascript. Either you have a JS error on that page or the payment form isn't found by the jQuery expression in aimeos.js of the used theme.