[SOLVED] SQL Error after composer update

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[SOLVED] SQL Error after composer update

Post by lucadambros » 09 Oct 2019, 13:27

I made composer update today and I got this error:

Code: Select all

 ErrorSQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'mpro.dataset' in 'field list': SELECT DISTINCT 
 mpro."id" AS "product.id", mpro."siteid" AS "product.siteid", mpro."type" AS 
 "product.type", mpro."code" 
 AS "product.code", mpro."label" AS "product.label", mpro."config" AS "product.config",
  mpro."start" AS "product.datestart", mpro."end" AS "product.dateend", mpro."status" AS "product.status", mpro."ctime" AS "product.ctime", mpro."mtime" AS "product.mtime", mpro."editor" AS "product.editor", 
  mpro."target" AS "product.target", 
 mpro."dataset" AS "product.dataset" FROM "mshop_product" AS mpro WHERE ( mpro."siteid" IN (1) AND mpro."id" IN (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,224,226,234,235,238,240,242,243,246) ) LIMIT 25 OFFSET 0 , 
I tried to migrate but nothing happened. What I have to do?

I have aimeos/aimeos-laravel: 2019.10 and laravel 5.8

--------- SOLVED -------------
I had to ran "php artisan aimeos:setup"