Confused by all the options

How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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Confused by all the options

Post by tblanchard » 02 Dec 2022, 00:36

Hi, I've built Laravel apps before, and I've built eCommerce sites on other platforms, most recently Solidus which was ok-ish but I'm wondering if we can do better.

I'm evaluating options to adopt a new platform for a fairly large US shop that wants to expand internationally but also wants a mostly headless set of services with a static UI. We are looking to get off the SaaS solution we have now and take control of our costs/destiny and our current architecture is not good at multi-currency/lingual service.

Not sure what aimeos options should fit my needs best. I do not have an existing laraval site or anything. Is aimeos build on Laravel or just built with adaptors...? Website is kind of unclear.

Also, what do you love/hate about aimeos?

Thanks for any insights.

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Re: Confused by all the options

Post by aimeos » 02 Dec 2022, 08:38

Aimeos is a PHP ecommerce library and packages for integration in Laravel and other frameworks are available. We also recommend to use Laravel as host framework because it's easy to adapt and you can get results quickly.

It's best suited if you want to build custom or complex B2B or B2C online shops, SaaS ecommerce solutions and marketplaces that can start small but can also grow to extremely large systems. Multi-tenancy, multi-language and multi-currency is in the DNA of Aimeos and fully supported. JSON and GraphQL APIs for headless frontends and administration backends are also built into Aimeos.

One of the best features beside its speed and scalability is that you can adapt anything to your needs easily, so you can customize it totally to your needs. The downside is that it's more complex then e.g. Wordpress due to its possibilities and feature set and you need to dive into the architecture first.
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