which version use?

How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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which version use?

Post by WladimirAvila » 18 Mar 2024, 06:01

Hi there, I'm starting a new project and I'm a bit confused. I would like to make the right decision on which project to use from your experience. I have seen 4 options in the repository


which is the right version for me and why?

note: personally I have more experience in symfony, but looks outdated

Thanks for your answers and advises

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Re: which version use?

Post by aimeos » 18 Mar 2024, 08:49

If you start a new project, use the Aimeos standalone distribution (aimeos/aimeos) because it's the easiest way to get a running installation and already contains many additional features you don't have to care about any more.

The headless distribution is useful if you want to create your own progressive web application (PWA) frontend but that's a lot of work so it's only recommended if PWAs give you a distinctive advantage.

In case you already have a Laravel based project and want to integrate Aimeos as shop component, then the aimeos/aimeos-laravel package is the right choice.

The Symfony bundle is supported but not as well as Laravel because it's much easier to create code/applications based on Laravel than on Symfony for both, developers using Aimeos and us maintaining Aimeos.
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