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Delivery Service or Basket related

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 12:57
by tenkraD
Hy admin,

i have some Question, you maybe know some help for me.
I give my Customer the ability to let the product deliver from us. This is the easy part i setted up a Delivery Service.

If the Customer selected a delivery by us, i would like to give him the ability to chose if he want an installation of the product by us. The cost of the installation differs by the product he has choosen (some neds more work for us, some less and some are free).

My Question is
1. where should i start, i think have to do this in the basket because i need it by each product or do you think a better place for this is a Service which depends on the delivery service?

2. And is something simmiliar already done?

Many thanks

Re: Delivery Service or Basket related

Posted: 24 Apr 2019, 14:21
by aimeos
Maybe do it the other way round:
- Add a configurable product option "with installation" that adds the price for your service
- Write a service decorator that hides the delivery option that doesn't contain delivery by you if a product should be installed by you