Mobile/Responsive Styling of Filter on 2-Col Layout

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Mobile/Responsive Styling of Filter on 2-Col Layout

Post by superscotty19 » 30 Jun 2019, 01:18


TYPO3 8.7
Aimeos 18.10
Bootstrap_package 8.0.7

I'm using the default install as a basis for my products, except that I switched the columns so that filters are on the left. When I shrink my window, I can't click on the Filter. I checked my browsers inspector and I could see that the height of the div "col-md-3 subcontent-wrap" was wrong so I added "min-height: 200px;". This is obviously a hack but it works for my specific install. So, there's something not quite right - perhaps its bootstrap_package, but I wanted to write in case it's affecting anyone else.
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