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Product / User group

Post by goransabo » 24 Jan 2021, 13:59

I have two questions about customers / product groups.
... in attachments, I have two images!
1st - 4 user groups
2nd - 4 products
3rd - Product with user group restrictions
If someone buy one of 4 presented product, he get access to content elements, restricted only for this user group?
Hot I can limit quantity for each product in cart, but using SKU like limiter?

3rd question is Scheduler. I have configured Aimeos Scheduler:
5 minute for user account creation
1 day for Subscription
... both not work!

Can anybody help me to resolve it?
Best regards,

p.s. I found this, but I don't know how to use :-( for restricions!

Code: Select all

plugin.tx_aimeos.settings.controller.frontend.customer.groupids = 1,2,3
product restrictions
product restrictions
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