stripe checkout exception after composer up removed php-http/message-factory

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stripe checkout exception after composer up removed php-http/message-factory

Post by nowrap » 27 May 2023, 20:38


i made a composer up today:

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  - Removing php-http/message-factory (1.1.0)
  - Upgrading aimeos/ai-admin-graphql (2022.10.8 => 2022.10.9)
  - Upgrading aimeos/ai-admin-jqadm (2022.10.10 => 2022.10.12)
  - Upgrading aimeos/ai-client-html (2022.10.10 => 2022.10.11)
  - Upgrading aimeos/ai-controller-jobs (2022.10.8 => 2022.10.10)
  - Upgrading aimeos/aimeos-core (2022.10.12 => 2022.10.13)
  - Upgrading fakerphp/faker (v1.21.0 => v1.22.0)
  - Upgrading guzzlehttp/guzzle (7.6.0 => 7.7.0)
  - Upgrading guzzlehttp/promises (1.5.2 => 2.0.0)
  - Upgrading nikic/php-parser (v4.15.4 => v4.15.5)
  - Upgrading php-http/discovery (1.18.0 => 1.18.1)
  - Upgrading php-http/message (1.15.0 => 1.16.0)
  - Upgrading psy/psysh (v0.11.17 => v0.11.18)
  - Upgrading spatie/ignition (1.7.0 => 1.8.0)
Now i am getting an exception in the checkout process after entering payment data for stripe:

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No php-http message factories found. Note that the php-http message factories are deprecated in favor of the PSR-17 message factories. To use the legacy Guzzle, Diactoros or Slim Framework factories of php-http, install php-http/message and php-http/message-factory and the chosen message implementation.
But there is no update for omnipay/stripe or related packages.

So i tried the suggestions from the exception because php-http/discovery and php-http/message were also updated:

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composer require php-http/message-factory
It seems to work. The exception is gone and the checkout works again.


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Re: stripe checkout exception after composer up removed php-http/message-factory

Post by aimeos » 29 May 2023, 08:38

Thanks for the hint! Seems like the dependencies of the PHP-Plug packages have changed.
The php-http/message-factory package will now be required by aimeos/ai-payments.
Professional support and custom implementation are available at
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