Performing validation in the admin panels

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Performing validation in the admin panels

Post by jafo66 » 28 Mar 2024, 22:46

I'm looking to validate fields in the new admin panels I've made. There is already the ability from the admin.js to check if a required field is empty. How do I expand that to validate that a field has numbers, etc.? I'm not too picky as to whether that validation happens on the server side or in the client.

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Re: Performing validation in the admin panels

Post by aimeos » 03 Apr 2024, 07:52

If not strict validation is required on the server side for security reasons, you can use input fields of type "number" to enforce numbers and add the "mandatory" CSS class. Then, it's automatically checked if there's a value in it and marked if not after the user clicks on the "Save" button.
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