Get Prices of Attributes added by Supplier

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Get Prices of Attributes added by Supplier

Post by kartikbhat » 24 Jun 2022, 12:53

Product's each attribute has certain price variables defined by it 'Supplier/Vendor' (Site Admin);
Eg: delivery price based on location
  • $20 for 10km
  • $30 for 20km
these price variables remain same for all products of that 'supplier' (Site Admin)


I need to fetch those all price ranges of that attribute using product id and attribute id on Catalog Detail Page

Help me to get id

TIA :)
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Re: Get Prices of Attributes added by Supplier

Post by aimeos » 26 Jun 2022, 07:54

The attributes and their prices are already available in the catalog detail view and you can display them using:

Code: Select all

foreach( $this->detailProductItem->getRefItems( 'attribute', 'delivery' ) as $attrItem )
	foreach( $attrItem->getRefItems( 'price' ) as $priceItem ) {
		echo $priceItem->getValue();
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