Auth pages using Aimeos views

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Auth pages using Aimeos views

Post by snicto » 25 Jan 2023, 19:55

All authorization pages use their own views and etc. How could I add existing Aimeos theme views to the login forms? Basically, I want to achieve that authorization pages look the same as shop pages, so the user feels like he is still on the same page, not directed to some backend page.

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Re: Auth pages using Aimeos views

Post by aimeos » 27 Jan 2023, 09:30

You need to use the Aimeos base Blade template for all auth pages. and their templates are in the ./resources/views/auth/ folder. Extend from the base Blade template and use the @content section for the auth components, e.g.:

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@extends( ( app( 'aimeos.context' )->get()->locale()->getSiteItem()->getTheme() ?: 'shop' ) . '::base')

	// HTML code for the Laravel auth component
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