Laravel session is changing

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Laravel session is changing

Post by DamanMokha » 30 Mar 2023, 08:19


My Laravel session ID keeps changing with every request, which is causing my basket to be empty consistently. I am using Laravel 9.

Since it is necessary to send the session along with the basket request in order to obtain the same value for the basket, I checked the aimeos_session values and noticed that they are different each time. Can you please suggest a solution to this issue?

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Re: Laravel session is changing

Post by aimeos » 31 Mar 2023, 07:02

Most likely, you are not sending the cookies back to the server for each request. If you are using a different domain/port for the frontend app then the backend is running, you have to tell the browser to include the cookies in the request:

Furthermore, in that case CORS will be a problem and you should add "/jsonapi/*" here: ... rs.php#L18

And active credentials support here: ... rs.php#L32
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