How to group favorite items by category?

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How to group favorite items by category?

Post by columbo » 26 Feb 2024, 15:13


our customers have many favorites, 400 items and more.
To make the list a little clearer, we'd like to group favorites in categories (as in the default catalog).

category A
- item 1
- item 2

category B
- item x

Do you have a recommendation on how this can be done?
I expect to adapt the query to group by category but I couldn't get it to work: ... #L220-L224

Or should all be done in the template? ... e/body.php

Thank you

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Re: How to group favorite items by category?

Post by aimeos » 27 Feb 2024, 10:48

You can not get the products already grouped by the categories from search() method of the manager for several reasons. Best is to do group the products in the template using the groupBy() method from the Map package with a Closure that cares about retrieving the information for grouping:
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