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#8051 by AnthonyLim
17 May 2019, 09:28
I have followed the instructions on the github page to install Aimeos (2019.4) with initial data on a fresh Laravel (5.8.15) project running on Linux with PHP 7.3.4. The application run without much problems and I was able to make orders. I wrote my own frontend to register new users and changed the route such that only login users are able to access "shop". I did it in config/shop.php like so:
Code: Select all   'routes' => [
      'default' => ['prefix' => 'shop', 'middleware' => ['web','auth']],

However, during the checkout, I encountered two problems:
1) The billing address did not get saved. The fields are first propagated with data in the "User" record but any changes did not get saved and I do not see it in the checkout summary page. I checked the database and the mshop_order_base_address table did not get the changes.

2) At the checkout summary page, there is always the option "Create a customer account for me" although I am very sure the user is already login. Regardless of the checkbox selection of this option, no new user record is created. I searched through the code and I found in ./ext/ai-client-html/client/html/templates/checkout/standard/option-partial-standard.php that the condition is if ( !isset($basket->getCustomerId ) ). So somehow, the login user id did not get into the $backet object.

I'm now clueless how to trace the problem. Appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction. Thanks!