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#8179 by Macgomes
12 Jun 2019, 08:11
Hello everyone,,,

In SETUP we already have:

plugin.tx_aimeos.settings.i18n.en {
0 {
domain = client/html
string = Attributes
trans = Filter
1 {
domain = client/html
string = %1$d article
trans {
0 = %1$d
1 = %1$d

We also want to change a phrase in the hte customer payment email:

plugin.tx_aimeos.settings.i18n.en.1 {
domain = client/html
string = We received the payment and will care about your order immediately.
trans = We have received your payment, and will take care of your order immediately.

How do we include the multiple string/trans pairs without the second overwriting the first? Are we supposed to add a

Thank you
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#8185 by aimeos
12 Jun 2019, 17:39
The plugin.tx_aimeos.... prefix is for frontend only in TYPO3. The e-mails are sent by the scheduler tasks and you need to add your translations to the TSConfig field of the scheduler task.

Regarding new translations: Yes, each translation needs a unique index (0, 1, 2, etc.).

BTW: The "domain" for most HTML client related translations is "client", not "client/html" any more