JSONADM combine filter

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JSONADM combine filter

Post by matteovg7 » 26 Mar 2020, 15:17

Hi, I have some trouble using the combined filter of the JSONADM API.
I followed this guide https://aimeos.org/docs/Developers/Admi ... arch_items

I can get the filtered results without the combine operator, but when I try to use the combine operator i receive an error.

For example, I'm trying to make this GET request:

http://aimeos.test:8888/admin/default/j ... tatus%5D=1

but I receive this error: "title": "Invalid operator \"catalog.lists.domain\"".

Where am I wrong?

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Re: JSONADM combine filter

Post by aimeos » 27 Mar 2020, 16:55

Between "&&" and "==" must be "[]" so an array is created:
http://aimeos.test:8888/admin/default/j ... .status]=1
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