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Custom Template

Post by AzizOzbek » 09 Mar 2023, 08:08

I wanna customize the frontend of aimeos. I tried the create custom blade template with following tutorial, but it does not work:

For example i want to create a custom profile page. Therefor i have to create blade.php file within following directory right?:

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The content of the page looks like this:

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<?php $this->block()->start( 'account/profile/body' ); ?>
<div class="actions">
<?php $this->block()->stop(); ?>
<?php echo $this->block()->get( 'account/profile/body' ); ?>
What am i doing wrong?

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Re: Custom Template

Post by aimeos » 10 Mar 2023, 09:17

1.) Create an Aimeos extension for your project first:
2.) Install the extension like described here:
3.) Copy the existing vendor/aimeos/ai-client-html/templates/client/html/account/profile/body.php to your own extension in ./packages/<yourext>/templates/client/html/account/profile/body.php

If you name the file .blade.php, you only have Blade directives and functions but can't access the Aimeos view helpers using e.g. "$this->link()"
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