Aimeos 2023.10 LTS release

The 2023.10 version of the Aimeos e-commerce framework for Laravel and TYPO3 is available now! Especially developers will love the 2023 version because it contains a lot of simplifications and fully supports scaleable cloud setups like Kubernetes natively. The most important updates in 2023 are:

  • Laravel 10 distributions
  • TYPO3 12 support
  • Kubernetes/Serverless support
  • Create managers easily
  • Merged order and order base
  • Stored basket panel
  • DB-based translations for type names
  • VueJS and GraphQL in backend
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Aimeos 2022.10 LTS release

The Aimeos 2022.10 version with long term support is now available for Laravel and TYPO3. It contains a lot of improvements for customers, editors, developers and marketplace owners. The most important improvements included in this release are:

  • GraphQL admin API
  • Headless Laravel distribution
  • Direct editing of marketplace items
  • Dynamic supplier filter
  • Customers can save baskets
  • Invoice numbers per site
  • Optimized performance
  • SEO and 404 improvements
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