Aimeos 2021.10 LTS release

The 2021.10 release of the Aimeos e-commerce framework with long term support is available for Laravel, Symfony and TYPO3. It contains a lot of small features repeatedly requested by developers and users and which improve user experience, usability for editors and security. The most important improvements are:

  • Laravel 8 distribution and TYPO3 11
  • Radius search and maps
  • “Price on request” feature
  • Product video support
  • Improved backend usability
  • Custom invoice numbers
  • Warehouse management
  • PDF with SEPA QR-code and images
  • Strict CSP and other improvements
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Aimeos 2021.07 release

The second stable release in 2021 of the Aimeos e-commerce framework is now available. The fantastic new default theme is the most notable change for sure but this release contains many more improvements, especially for multi-site environements. The most important points are:

  • New default theme
  • New settings panel in backend
  • Send order notification emails
  • Extended order management
  • Multi-site improvements
  • Improved security
  • Upgrade notes
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Aimeos 2021.04 release

Aimeos release

The first stable release of the Aimeos e-commerce framework in 2021 contains some major improvements in the front-end and back-end as well as several breaking changes compared to the last LTS version. The new administration interface is the most visible of these improvements for sure:

  • New admin backend incl. dark mode
  • RTL support in frontend and admin backend
  • Full mobile optimization
  • New supplier detail component
  • Rule based dynamic pricing
  • Extensible CMS extension
  • Simplified configuration
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Aimeos 2020.10 LTS release

Aimeos 2020.07 release

The new 2020.10 release with long term support contains a lot of polishing and some features users and developers have been asking for. But one of the most important changes is related to the documentation, which has been greatly improved! Feature-wise, the most important additions are:

  • Complete product rating and review system incl. JSON API
  • Home page component
  • Price facet filter
  • Date/time range filter in admin backend
  • Simplified getter in context
  • Better log entries for SQL statements
  • Official Laravel 8 support
  • Full AWS support
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Aimeos 2020.07 release

Aimeos 2020.07 release

The new Aimeos feature release contains some long-awaited new stuff for developers and customers alike. What you get by using the 2020.07 release among various minor improvements and bugfixes is:

  • PDF invoice in order confirmation e-mail
  • Supplier CSV import
  • Improved admin backend for mobile phones
  • Better full text search and URL segments
  • Official TYPO3 10 support
  • Simplified manager and criteria filter methods
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Aimeos 2020.04 release

2020.04 is the first stable release this year which contains a lot of changes and improvements. The most important one are:

  • Slick and clean frontend theme
  • Better admin interface usability
  • Major performance improvement when using MySQL
  • SEO improvements and support for fractional quantities
  • Cleaned up templates for the HTML client
  • Full SQL Server support
  • Requires PHP 7.1 and PHP Map object
  • Retrieve related items more easily

Aimeos 2019.10 LTS release

The new 2019.10 branch of the Aimeos e-commerce framework with long term support (LTS) contains lots of helpful improvements. The most important ones are:

  • AI-based translation of texts with DeepL
  • Customizable product datasets
  • Manage multiple tax rates
  • Watermarks for images
  • Bulk delete and reorder items
  • Bulk order form for B2B and B2C
  • Add new columns/properties to managers/items easily

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#gigacommerce – Aimeos shop performance with 1 billion items


Aimeos has recently proven to be capable of handling one billion articles and more in an online shop using the #gigacommerce extension. This is far more than the number of articles at the Amazon market place which is currently estimated by around 562 million items. But the sheer numbers doesn’t say anything about the performance so how fast can Aimeos delivery content when users browsing the shop pages?

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