Aimeos 2020.07 release

Aimeos 2020.07 release

The new Aimeos feature release contains some long-awaited new stuff for developers and customers alike. What you get by using the 2020.07 release among various minor improvements and bugfixes is:

  • PDF invoice in order confirmation e-mail
  • Supplier CSV import
  • Improved admin backend for mobile phones
  • Better full text search and URL segments
  • Official TYPO3 10 support
  • Simplified manager and criteria filter methods
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Aimeos 2020.04 release

2020.04 is the first stable release this year which contains a lot of changes and improvements. The most important one are:

  • Slick and clean frontend theme
  • Better admin interface usability
  • Major performance improvement when using MySQL
  • SEO improvements and support for fractional quantities
  • Cleaned up templates for the HTML client
  • Full SQL Server support
  • Requires PHP 7.1 and PHP Map object
  • Retrieve related items more easily

10 Essential Ecommerce Trends to Look for in 2020

The first e-commerce transaction was in July of 1995. That was a book by Douglas Hofstadter named Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies priced at $27.95

Fast forward a quarter of a century, and in 2019 the revenue stood at a staggering 3.4 trillion dollars. It is projected to almost double and touch $6.5 trillion by 2023.

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PHP: Array to Map

PHP Array to Map

Arrays are the working horse of PHP, the programming language used by the vast majority of web applications. An array seems to be incredible simple to use but things get complicated and ugly when PHP functions for array manipulation come into play. Are you tired of hard to read code with excessive error handling too? Then maps can be the answer.

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Aimeos 2019.10 LTS release

The new 2019.10 branch of the Aimeos e-commerce framework with long term support (LTS) contains lots of helpful improvements. The most important ones are:

  • AI-based translation of texts with DeepL
  • Customizable product datasets
  • Manage multiple tax rates
  • Watermarks for images
  • Bulk delete and reorder items
  • Bulk order form for B2B and B2C
  • Add new columns/properties to managers/items easily

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GraphQL vs JSON:API for e-commerce

GraphQL is hot these days! More and more GraphQL APIs appear and especially in the Javascript / NodeJS scene, GraphQL is extremely popular. As progressive web applications using GraphQL are also on the rise (not only in the e-commerce area), we compare how GraphQL and the JSON REST API standard fits for e-commerce applications based on our experience in these areas:

  • Ease of implementation and use
  • Performance and scalability
  • Reading and writing data

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Responsive emails with MJML in Aimeos

Every online shop needs to send e-mails and so the Aimeos e-commerce framework does. They are still the best option to confirm the order and tell customers about changes in the delivery and payment status. Nevertheless, even nowadays, creating appealing e-mails for different devices is hard stuff! Software seem to be from year 2000 when comparing support for HTML5 and CSS in e-mail clients.

Most of the time, support is limited for security reasons which is a good thing because compared to web sites you have to visit actively, everyone can send you e-mails. But often, simple features aren’t implemented since more than ten years or are buggy and therefore unusable. Outlook falls into the later category and it seems that Microsoft wants to punish us forever!

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What is an e-commerce framework?

The term e-commerce framework is related to software frameworks for e-commerce applications. They offer an environment for building e-commerce applications quickly.

E-Commerce frameworks are flexible enough to adapt them to your specific requirements. As result, they are suitable for building virtually all kinds of online shops and e-commerce related (web) applications like the Aimeos e-commerce framework does.

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